Our vision is to Move Survivors from Victimization through Empowerment to True Survivorship and Success

Our Core values

Safety and Stability

To provide immediate safety options to domestic violence survivors who have been turned away from their local shelter and placed on a wait list.

Resource management

To pull together the numerous resources in the community into one centralized repository in an easily accessible format for survivors to use.

Confidence Building

To provide tools and technology to help domestic violence survivors rebuild their self confidence as they rebuild their new lives.

self sufficiency and independence

To provide the proper support to survivors on their path to self sufficiency.

Our mission is to provide life-changing resources to domestic violence and abuse survivors who have been turned away from their local shelters. We are creating a sustainable recovery path to self-sufficiency for all survivors of domestic violence.

domestic violence victims are becoming homeless because they finally left their violent and abusive homes.

What happens to a DV survivor when they are turned away from their local shelter?
  • Did you know?

    In Texas, 42% of those victims who call their local shelter will be turned away. *Texas Council on Family Violence


    More than 50% of the women seeking services from the Salvation Army are not homeless, they are survivors of domestic violence. *domesticshelters.org


    There are more than 250,000 REPORTED unmet requests for emergency services nationally! That's little more than 1/3 of the requests made over a year's time.


    Approximately 75% of women who are killed by their batterers are murdered when they attempt to leave or after they have left an abusive relationship. *Center for Disease Control


The small but mighty!!
Courtney Santana
Courtney Santana
I am a domestic violence survivor and so are my children. My hope is more survivors will come forward and share their stories, changing that pain into power and helping others.
CTO and Director of Innovation
I love that the Survive2Thrive Foundation embodies what we should do to help other people by giving them the tools to build their future.
Director, Partner and Advocacy Relations
The more I learn about the domestic violence community, the more I want to help, support and advocate on behalf of those who desire to change their mindset and life from victimization to one of empowerment.
Kendall Ramirez
Kendall Ramirez
Executive Assistant to the CEO
There are people looking for someone to be there for them while they transition from victim to victor; I want to be that someone that is there for them. S2T is a gateway for me to be there for people with the same background as me.
Rikki Conner
Rikki Conner
Director, Operations
So many people feel trapped by their circumstances and end up going back to their abusers. It is so important that we make them see and understand that they are not stuck and we are her to help them to become the best versions of themselves.

What others say...

WHAT IS A WAIT LIST? When a victim leaves their violent home, they are often referred to their local emergency shelter. When they arrive, they are asked to complete an intake process to determine if they are a potential candidate for shelter and supporting services. If there is no immediate space available, the survivor's information may be placed on a wait list, so they can be contacted in the case that space opens up and they and their children can come back and stay. Some shelters required survivors to call back on a DAILY basis to see if there is room available.

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