Is the Survive2Thrive Foundation a 501c3 charity?  Yes we are. All gifts are tax deductible.


Where are you located?  We are in Austin, Texas and serve Travis, Williamson, Bell, and Milam counties currently. Our goal in the next 5 years is to have a national presence and support survivors across the country.


How do contact Survive2Thrive?  Survive2Thrive’s mission is to help wait listed survivors of domestic violence, so please call your local shelter first before you call us.  They are the first responders and help us to provide the proper path for you and your family.

If you are in immediate danger and need help call 911 immediately.

  • Safeplace Austin  512-267-SAFE (7233)
  • Hope Alliance Crisis Center 512-255-1212 or 1-800-460-SAFE (7233)
  • If you are outside the Austin Metro Area, call the National Domestic Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).
  • When you have called your local shelter and been placed on the wait list, you can call us at 512-308-6028.


Is Survive2Thrive an emergency shelter?   No. Survive2Thrive is a domestic violence survivor and shelter support agency. We partner with shelters and other domestic violence organizations to create solutions to assist survivors when they are transitioning from their violent homes. Though we are not a shelter, we do provide temporary housing options through our Sanctuary program. The Survive2Thrive Foundation’s Sanctuary Program provides short-term housing stipends to survivors of domestic violence who have been turned away from their local shelter. 2/3rds of those turned away are children. For less than $65, we can house a family of four for a night. Survive2Thrive’s stipends to the waitlisted families we support, provides them a safe environment to regroup and begin building their new futures without violence and abuse.


What is the wait list?  When a victim leaves their violent home, they are often referred to their local emergency shelter. When they arrive, they are asked to complete an intake process to determine if they are a potential candidate for shelter and supporting services. If there is no immediate space available, the survivor’s information may be placed on a wait list, so they can be contacted in the case that space opens up and they and their children can come back and stay. Some shelters required survivors to call back on a weekly basis to see if there is room available.


What makes you DIFFERENT from other domestic violence organizations?  Survive2Thrive provides a recovery path for survivors of domestic violence. While we know that shelters are the first responders for survivors seeking help in the middle of the night, our primary goal is to give assistance to survivors who are turned away from their local shelter, due to overcrowding and lack of space.   Most of the community we seek to serve will never see the inside of the shelter.   Through technology and advocate support, survivors have access and the power to control their progress.

Our four core values allow us to provide support to survivors that ensure their safety, provides the resources they needs to begin rebuilding, helps to build their self confidence, and ultimately puts them on a path to their own self sufficiency and independence. We seek to lower recidivism to shelters and systems through this recovery path to survivor success.