Be a S2T Partner

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There are 1.5 million non profits* in the United States and we all want to change the world.  So let’s do it together! 

Survive2Thrive is working to provide a national dynamic ecosystem of life saving resources for survivors of domestic violence.

Through our research, we have found there are many barriers to survivors of domestic violence that prevent them from living full lives.  Our hope with Survive2Thrive is to knock down these barriers to self sufficiency and independence. We are looking to partner with shelters and organizations large and small to build this ecosystem for survivors.

  • Just imagine if a survivor could access resources in one place, in their language, that would help them to rebuild their  own lives? How powerful would that be?
  • Survive2Thrive is also building an advocate network to provide additional support to these survivors so they will know how to use these tools effectively and not see them as just another obstacle.  Now how empowering is that?

We are actively engaging in partnership conversations with non profits, shelters, and businesses and acting as a super connector between them, to start conversations and develop and implement programs to help the wait listed survivors community.

Do you have something to contribute?  Nothing is too big or small.  Email us at info@survive2thrivefoundation.org and type “PARTNER WITH ME” in the subject or fill out the form below.

*Source: The National Center of Charitable Statistics