The 2nd Annual MUSE Austin is Coming! Saturday, October 29, 2016!


MUSEAUSTIN is a live concert featuring someof Austin’s best musicians, performing their inspirational original pieces of music with a full band and orchestra. During the event, survivors of domestic violence will be honored for their strength, resilience, and their commitment to help other survivors of domestic violence in the Austin Community.

In addition to honoring and celebrating survivors, MUSEAUSTIN will be raising awareness and funding for the Survive2Thrive Foundation’s Sanctuary Program.

The Survive2Thrive Foundation’s Sanctuary Program provides short-term housing stipends to survivors of domestic violence who have been turned away from their local shelter. 2/3rds of those turned away are children. For less than $65, we can house a family of four for a night. Survive2Thrive’s stipends to the waitlisted families we support, provides them a safe environment to regroup and begin building their new futures without violence and abuse.

For more information and tickets, visit for tickets and to see the amazing acts coming to be a part this year!

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