The 1st Annual Purple Bow Tie Open Announced!

Join us for the 1st Annual Purple Bow Tie Open at River Place Country Club in Austin, Texas! 

A portion of the proceeds from the Purple Bow Tie Open will go to the Dignity Fund. The Dignity Fund will provide programming for boys and men of all ages.

Survive2Thrive’s Purple Bow Tie Movement seeks to raise awareness and resources for:

  • Men who have been abused by their spouse or partner.
  • Men who are themselves abusive and seek rehabilitation.
  • Men who support other men, women, and children affected by domestic violence and abuse.

The Purple Bow Tie is creating content and curriculum, as well as, hosting retreats, workshops, webinars and discussions about emotional intelligence, the masculine vs macho culture, and changing of the pathways and neuroscience of the brain, as it relates to behavior and personality.

This intensive work will change the story about men, violence and abuse through Mentorship, Education, Programming, and Advocacy.

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